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Mary, 23, carpet designer by day. This blog is an attempt to organize, delineate, and rationalize my aesthetic so I can better translate it into my own work.


Marie Egner, Kupferschale mit weißen und rosa Blumen gefüllt (detail)

By 1940

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“ It’s Friday at the office and everybody is getting pumped for their plans for drinks and brunch and shopping and traveling over the weekend and you are sitting there genuinely on a high over the fact that you can go home and lay on your bed and know that there’s nowhere else you have to be for the next two days. How that compares with exhausting plans to force conversations over martinis and spend more money you don’t have, you’re not entirely sure. ”

Government welfare was absolutely forbidden. My pride has been starched by a family who assumed unlimited authority in its own affairs. A grandmother who raised me, my brother, and her own two sons, owned a general merchandise store. She had begun her business in the early 1900s in Stamps, Arkansas, by selling meat pies to sawmen in a lumber mill, then racing across town in time to feed workers in a cotton-gin mill four miles away.

My beautiful mother, who ran business with autocratic power, taught me to row my own boat, paddle my own canoe, hoist my own sail. She warned, in fact, ‘If you want something done, do it yourself.’ There was no motive on earth which would bring me, bowed, to beg for aid from an institution which scorned me and a government which ignored me.


Maya Angelou, Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas (1976)


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(via laliberty)

“ I steal from every movie. I steal from every single movie ever made. I love it. If my work has anything it’s that I’m taking this from this and that from that and mixing them together and if people don’t like them then tough titty, don’t go and see it, alright? I steal from everything. Great artists steal, they don’t do hommages. ”