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What Girls Do In The Bathroom In The Morning (x)

I seriously don’t get how girls, well anyone, but especially girls, find her funny. All of her comedy, well, first of all isn’t funny. Second of all, make females seem like incompetent, stupid people. Like, how funny, you got distracted while in a rush. No one ever does! How quirky of you. That’s fucking hilarious. 

What a great testament to womanhood. Luckily, as a man, I’m not a dumbfuck who gets distracted in a rush! Or, at least, it doesn’t define my gender as it does a female. 

Ugh. Unfunny people are the worst. People just love the thought of being “quirky” and it’s getting so old. Even watching Tina Fey being quirky on 30 Rock is getting old cause of it all. It’s been done better and smarter. You’re not quirky for getting distracted, you’re not quirky for saying you’ll exercise then not. 

Pro tip: Blanket statements about women usually end up being some kind of sexist. Women do this:____.  Girls do this:____.  How is it not completely apparent why this is going to result in something incorrect/hurtful?

I’ve been seeing this whole quirky trend affect my female friends for years now as they attempt to construct this personality because they think it will make them desirable. And guess what—they end up becoming a vapid shell of their true selves. It’s so harmful.

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  • Jun 16, 2012
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